July 19, 2022

The Art and Science of Resonance | Z’ev Rosenberg & Sabine Wilms

How does your energy affect your patients and your treatment outcomes? What do our self-care and development as a practitioner have to do with treatment outcomes and a successful practice? In this podcast interview, Z'ev Rosenberg and Sabine Wilms take us on a deep dive into the resonance between practitioner, patient, heaven, earth, and the cosmos. The Art and Science of Resonance in Chinese Medicine is the name of their session at the Pacific Symposium this year, and in this interview, they explain how these concepts, taken from the classics of Chinese medicine, can be applied to our modern-day practices and conditions such as Covid and other imbalances that currently plague our societies. In addition, Z'ev gives a sneak peek into his latest book called "Afterglow," and Sabine gives an overview of her 1-year mentorship program and memberships where she is teaching others how to translate the Classics and thereby continue to bring this incredibly potent and beneficial information to life in our lives and practices today.

Z'ev and Sabine will be presenting together at Pacific Symposium.



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